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White Hills Elementary School

300 Bentley Drive, Baker, LA 70714

SPS Ranking: 58
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Type of School
Elementary/Middle School
Grades Served
prek - 5
Dawn Brewster
Number of Students

Welcome Message

White Hills is a learning community where everyone is a learner. We believe in educating the whole child. Staff members work collaboratively and cooperatively to create a caring and nurturing environment where a diverse group of children can learn to their highest potential. White Hills offers rigorous academics and a variety of enrichment opportunities. We strive to provide multiple ways for students to ignite their love for learning! Student academic work, artistic creations and performances are routinely showcased at the school.  White Hill’s teachers encourage creativity and reflection, with an emphasis on challenging children to reach their highest potential!

At This School

  • Growth Grade A
  • Equity Honoree

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School Diversity

  • 93% Minority Students
  • 93% Economically Disadvantaged Students