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Thrive Baton Rouge

2585 Brightside Drive, Baton Rouge, LA

Performance Score:

53.6 | D


53.6 | D


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Type of School
Combination School
Grades Served
6 - 12
London Moore
Number of Students

Welcome Message

Started in 2011, THRIVE Academy serves to empower students from underserved Baton Rouge communities and prepare them academically and personally for success in college and beyond. The THRIVE school utilizes innovative teaching by highly successful educators. The THRIVE flexible residency program allows teachers to meet the individual learning needs of every student. Extended learning day allows for targeted intervention with individual students. THRIVE Academy features small class sizes with an emphasis on the fundamentals of reading comprehension and math literacy in middle school and critical thinking in high school. Students will focus on academics throughout the school day and through a variety of after-school and evening options. THRIVE’s educational philosophy is guided by our core values and beliefs. In addition to using these as a foundation, we hope to develop our students through high expectations, personal support and educationally enriching activities.

At This School

  • Growth Grade B

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School Diversity

  • 96% Minority Students
  • 95.4% Economically Disadvantaged Students