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Parkview Elementary School

5660 Parkforest Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

SPS Ranking: 89.1
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Type of School
Elementary/Middle School
Grades Served
k - 5
Carla Parks
Number of Students

Welcome Message

At Parkview Elementary, we do all that we can to bring out the best in every child by providing a nurturing school atmosphere, building and enhancing attitudes of self-esteem, and making learning exciting and relevant. It is the responsibility of the faculty, staff, parents and the School Improvement Team to help every child develop academically, psychologically and physically by relating basics to daily life stimulating thought processes through appropriate instruction, by establishing and maintaining the rights and respect for all individuals and property, and by providing a safe and positive environment.

At This School

  • Growth Grade A
  • Equity Honoree
  • Equity Honoree

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School Diversity

  • 71% Minority Students
  • 65% Economically Disadvantaged Students