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Children’s Charter School

1143 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Performance Score:

42 | F


38 | F


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Type of School
Elementary/Middle School
Grades Served
k - 5
Edmund Greenup
Number of Students

Welcome Message

CCES implements various programs that contribute to the overall success of all of our students. Here at CCES, we trust that we cannot love and support our children too much and believe that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum. We know that all students have differing learning styles and rates of social and academic development. We meet them at their point of need, understand that children learn through social interaction and utilize small class sizes to maximize learning potential. We believe that knowing the families is as important as knowing the children, and we strive for and encourage active parental involvement. We employ teachers with a passion for teaching in an urban setting, and we provide them with rigorous professional development so they have a positive effect on student social and academic performance. We offer a variety of music programs and visual art classes for all students. Students attend PE at least three times weekly, and we provide ample technology for them to learn in a digital world.

At This School

Music, Art
  • Growth Grade C

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School Diversity

  • 10% Minority Students
  • 100% Economically Disadvantaged Students