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Apex Collegiate Academy Charter School

9700 Scenic Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70807

Performance Score:

37.2 | F


39.1 | F


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Type of School
Elementary/Middle School
Grades Served
6 - 8
Eric B. Lewis
Number of Students

Welcome Message

Our mission is based upon three pillars: Rigorous Academics, Core Subject Mastery, and Character Development. These pillars directly inform the key components of our school design. Underpinning these pillars, across the school community and in all grades, we recognize that parents and caregivers are our most important partners in our mutual journey to get their children and our students into college. We believe the greatest support to the work we do—preparing all students for college graduation—are the meaningful relationships that lie at the heart of the work and across the school—with all of the staff, our surrounding community, our families, and our students. As a school, we know students and families on an individual level and make school a place where families feel welcome. We
communicate regularly with families to support students; teachers leverage relationships to set ambitious goals and push students to and through challenging obstacles, and ultimately to and through college.

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